Translation by sworn (court or accredited) translator for State Authorities of the Czech Republic

Often the documents presented to the Official Authorities of the Czech Republic require a certain drawing in particular: translation and certification by sworn translator.

Translation is made and certified by court (sworn) translator, whose powers are confirmed by the relevant District Court of the Czech Republic. His activity is governed by the Law No. 36/1967 of Code of Laws of the Czech Republic (as amended). Translator’s powers are registered in the register of experts and translators of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic.

Certification of the translation means:

  • Filing to the original document or notarized copy of the document;
  • Translator’s signature and corresponding certified inscription on the translation
  • Official seal of the Czech Republic with last name and name of the translator.

Completion period of translation depends on quantity and capacity of the documents. Generally this procedure takes from 2 to 5 working days.

Translation agency «AventA» works closely with accredited translators. We can provide a full range of services on translation and certification of documents made by Czech sworn translator.

When submitting documents to the consulate you may require the services of Czech interpreter, which we can also provide.

Contact our managers to know about paperwork peculiarities and price.


Favorite, charming and the most beautiful our Women! All the men of our team of translation Company “AventA” congratulate you on the coming (or already matured;)) spring holiday – 8th of March!

We wish you all the best! May you be very happy! And of course have plenty of rest!

That’s why on Monday, on March 10, 2014 our office will not work.

Have a nice holiday!

8th of March


According to the results of the National Business Rating PE “Translation Company “AventA” awarded “Gold Rating” among small businesses that provide translation services

Gold Rating


Dear customers, please note that due to New Year by the oriental calendar consulates of countries such as Vietnam, China, etc. do not work up to 10.02.2014.


Despite the current situation in Kiev consulates, which are close to Independence Square continue to operate as usual. Therefore Translation Company “AventA” will made for you legalization with no trouble, for example at Consulate of the Republic of the Philippines


Schedule for New Year holidays

We, friendly team of Translation Company “AventA” congratulate you on upcoming holidays! Happy New Year!
Also we inform you that the schedule of our office during the holiday season will be the following:

  • 30.12 – working day
  • 31.12, 01.01, 02.01 – days off
  • 03.01 – working day
  • 04.01, 05.01 – days off
  • 06.01 – working day
  • 07.01 – day off
  • from 8.01 function nominally.


Legalization at the consulate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

For Legalization of the Power of Attorney issued on behalf of a legal entity at the consulate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the following documents are required:

  • Power of Attorney in the name of one or more of our employees to perform this action;
  • the original of power of attorney duly legalized
  • the original of Power of Attorney duly legalized;
  • notarized letter from the company – a legal entity on the official form indicating the reason for registration and details of the Power of Attorney;
  • letter from Attorney-in-Fact;
  • a notarized copy of the certificate of state registration of legal entity.

For further details, terms and cost of the procedure, please contact managers of translation Company “AventA”.


Translation of the passport for residence permit in Ukraine For execution of residence permit by national passport, if there are no last name and name in English of foreign citizen in it, you will need to present to Department of Visas and Registration 2 translations (of national passport into Ukrainian and English).
New form of residence permit is similar to Ukrainian foreign passport: there are last name and name in Ukrainian and English. That’s why two translations are required.

Translation of the passport


Peculiarities of notarized translation of Employment record card

Dear customers! We wish to draw your attention to peculiarities of notarized translation of Employment record card.

If you need to certify translation of Employment record card and authenticity of the copy with the original document, it is possible only if the last record in Employment record card is record about dismissal from employment.

If you are currently employed, notarization of Employment record card translation is possible only as certification of authenticity of translator’s signature.

And regardless of the type of notarization Employment record card translation is filed to the copy of whole Employment record card, so it is necessary to make copies of all pages of the original document.

For further details please contact managers of our translation Company.


Dear customers and visitors of our website, please note that due to 70th anniversary of the liberation of Kiev from fascists 6th of November is announced as day off. Therefore State Authorities will not work, so we won’t be able to submit or receive documents at Ministries and other official authorities.

But we will function normally. Our schedule won’t change. We are waiting for you from 9.00 a.m. till 6 p.m. at the address: Kyiv, B. Kmelnytskogo St. 88/92, office No. 72.


Dear customers, we want to save your time, so now you can pay online in our website It is possible due to system PayU, guarantees data security.


Dear colleagues, congratulation on our professional holiday – International Translation Day! We wish you an inexhaustible interest to work and great orders!

Team of Translation Company “AventA”


Dear customers! Please note that now for translation and notarization of the passport copies of all pages of the passport are required.

In case of need to certify the authenticity of the copy of passport – original document must be presented to the Notary.


Dear customers and visitors of our website, congratulations on the coming Independence Day of Ukraine!

Due to this wonderful National Day our schedule will be the following:

  • 26.08 – day off
  • 27.08 – function nominally. from 09:00 a.m. till 6 p.m.


Legalization at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand

Now Translation Company “AventA” legalizes documents in the Embassy of Thailand in Ukraine.

To certify the official document with Consular Seal, it is necessary to stamp of legalization of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, after this to translate the document into English, notarize the translation and to stamp of legalization of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. After this procedure the document can be submitted to the embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Embassy sets the term of the legalization of the document. On the average the term of the legalization is 1 week.
For further details please contact managers of our translation Company.


Schedule of Translation Company “AventA” during public holidays

Dear customers! Please note that due to the upcoming holiday of Trinity and the Constitution Day of Ukraine our schedule will be the following:

  • 24.06 and 28.06 – days off.
  • Since 25.06 to 27.06 – function normally (from 9:00 till 18:00)

Team of Translation Company “AventA”


Dear customers! Please note that for the stamp of apostille on educational documents you need to present the original of your educational documents and also the copies of the passport pages with main information.

For legalization of on educational documents the following documents are required:

  • original of educational documents ,
  • registrar’s certificate from the school
  • to issue the Power of Attorney to our employee.

For further details, terms and cost of this service, please contact managers of our translation Company.


Dear customers!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that before getting an apostille on civil status documents issued by the Central and Livoberezhniy Civil Registry Office in Kyiv, you must first certify them with additional seals.

The documents issued by the Central Civil Registry Office are to be certified on site.

The documents issued by the Livoberezhniy Civil Registry Office, as well as by any other Kyiv registry office, must be certified with a seal of Kyiv City Department of Justice.

Please be reminded that our translation agency assists in certification and apostillization for this type of documents.

Contact our manager to learn more about this issue.


AVENTA Translation Agency finished the next difficult project: translation of presentation for production of applying fertilizers from Turkish into English consisting of 63 pages was made for a fantastic short term – only for 8 working days.


According to the International Economic Rating League of the Bests PP AVENTA Translation Agency takes the 18th place among the Ukrainian small business enterprises. It is an honour for us, we will continue to apply every effort to be in the top ten!

Economic Rating


AVENTA Translation Agency made the translation of over 200 pages from English into Ukrainian and their next page-proof only for 10 days.


Now you can put the apostille seal into the new diploma for 1 working day. It is important to pay attention to the following: it is impossible to legalize the diplomas having the series MB in short order, the signatures on diploma and its appendix must coincide. The cost of apostille in short order is UAH 1,000.00. When submitting the false documents to Ministry of Education it will eliminate the documents and will not return the fees for apostilization.


Dear customers, we kindly ask you to pay attention that now you must execute a power of attorney for legalization of documents by our employees when ordering the legalization of the documents for Italy. The manager of our agency will give you a sample of such a power of attorney.


Now you can find the AVENTA Translation Agency in social networks:


AVENTA Translation Agency renders the service of nostrification * for educational documents.

  • 80 working days  – UAH 4,200.
  • 40 working days  – UAH 5,000.
  • 20 working days  – UAH 5,800.
  • 5 working days  – UAH 6,800.

* Nostrification is a procedure for recognition of foreign educational documents.


News of legalization

We remind that the AVENTA Translation Agency gives the help in legalization of documents with the embassies and consulates of the following countries:

Czech Republic
UAE in Moscow


AventA Translation Agency coped with another large order. We translated from English and Russian into the Ukrainian language more than 150 pages of documents and notarized them for the customer PJSC “VTB Bank” within one working day.


Thanks to high professionalism of our personnel, AventA Translation Agency performed translation from English and Russian into the Ukrainian language 98 pages of package of constituent documents with notarial certification for regular customer LLC “Terra-centre” within 2 working days.


In spite of large volume – 82 pages – AventA Translation Agency did layout in *pdf format and made translation from English into the Ukrainian language for charity organization “Charity fund Ukrainian Resource Center for the problems of HIV infection” in 2 working days.


During 3 working days AventA Translation Agency translated from English into the Ukrainian language 156 pages of contracts and appendix for the regular customer LLC “Elit”.


Within 3 working days AventA Translation Agency translated from the Ukrainian language into the Vietnamese language more than 350 pages of documents for regular customer LLC “TEZ TOUR” package.


Legalization in the Consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan

AventA Translation Agency introduces a new service – the legalization of documents in the consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  • The cost of the legalization of a document is $ 40.00 (payment is executed in UAH at the NBU rate on the day of your order).
  • Terms of legalization – 2-3 working days.

Please pay your attention that the Consulate accepts documents in the Russian language. So if you have the document in Ukrainian or another language, preliminary it must be translated into Russian and notarized. AventA Translation Agency provides services of translation and notarial certification of translation.

See Rates for translation.


AventA Translation Agency expands range of its services! We are pleased to offer you the legalization of documents in the Consulate of the Federal Republic of Brazil, see the action.


Press Conference of MoneyGram International and JSC “Savings Bank” took place on 6 December in Kyiv, was held with the participation of AventA Translation Agency. We have honor to render language support for this conference that is to provide services of simultaneous interpretation.


Within 4 working days AventA Translation Agency translated from Chinese into Vietnamese language more than 30 pages of report documentations for LLC “Mareven Food Ukraine”. We stick to the Eastern wisdom: «An ounce of practice equals a pound of theory».


In only 2 working days AventA Translation Agency fulfilled the translation from English into Ukrainian language and notarial certification of package of constituent documents of 90 pages for our customer LLC “R.O.S.T. Ukraine”. This is another record of efficient work of AventA Translation Agency.


AventA Translation Agency set up another record in the implementation of urgent translations! We executed translation from Russian into English of 200 pages medical records for the LLC “Advantis-Plus” of within one working day.


AventA Translation Agency coped with another large project! In one week we did layout and translated from English into Russian 248-page business plan for our regular customers “Airport Consulting Vienna GmbH”. The work was performed in time thanks to a predetermined glossary and well organized work of managers and translators.


AventA Translation Agency is not afraid of difficulties – during 3 working days we translated from English into Ukrainian language 160 pages of contracts and appendix for the customer LLC “Kuzminetsky kirpichniy zavod”! Execution of the order at the earliest possible date and adherence to common terminology became ??possible thanks to the rapid reaction of managers and ability to use a program “Translation Memory”.


Legalization in Embassy of Vietnam

In the past Vietnam went through wars and ruins, but now it surprises with its rampant development in economic and tourist sectors. That’s why, there are many documents requiring translation * and legalization in Embassy. AventA Translation Agency can render both the translation services into or from the Vietnamese language and the legalization services in the Embassy of Social Republic of Vietnam.

  • Cost of Embassy Legalization is 60$ / 1 document according to the exchange course of the National Bank of Ukraine as on the day, on which the order shall be placed.
  • Term for execution – 4 to 5 working days.

* See rates for translation services from Vietnamese language


AventA Translation Agency is closed on 1-3 and 9 May, from 4 to 6  May we work in the ordinary course.


AventA Translation Agency cut the another record, having translated from English to Ukrainian and notarized two packages of constituent instruments of the Cypriot Company. In spite of undertime, we ensured, as usual, the quality of translation.

In connection with a great demand for translation of constituent instruments we offer to take advantage of the promotion ‘First Translation Aid’.


We established a singular record in translation into Turkish language and notarial certification of personal documents thanks to our partner TEZ-Tour LLC. The fulfilment of that order was divided into some stages, a short time period was given for fulfilment of each stage. The maximum quantity of documents, that we translated and certified within one working, was 91 documents!


Dear ladies!

Let the spring sun rays bring you only warmest emotions and pleasant moments and wind of good change come close to you when you are in roaring health and of good cheer!


AventA Translation Agency is closed on 7 and 8 March, from 9 to 12 March we work in the ordinary course.


AventA Translation Agency sends its greetings on the occasion of New Year and Christmas!

We wish you to scale the loftiest heights in a new year. Let all your yearnings bear fruits and the misfortunes cause no pains. Lots of luck, happiness and health to all of you.

Working hours:

  • 30.12.2010 – Working day
  • 31.12.2010 – 03.01.2011 – Nonworking days
  • 04.01.2011 – 06.01.2011 – Working day
  • 07.01.2011 – 9. 01.2011 – Nonworking days


The FAVORIT INVEST LLC jointed with the clients of AventA Translation Agency, it learnt at first hand that our agency can make a big volume of translation, even into many languages at the same time. The particularity of this order consists in the fact that at the client’s request the order was made in a special program that our translators mastered with little effort. Our cooperation with FAVORIT INVEST LLC was consolidated with a number of orders.


The Translation Agency AVENTA sends the greetings to its clients on the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language and proposes the promotion “Ukrainian Language Without Boundaries” on honour of this holiday.


Early October the Legalization Department of the Spanish Embassy made the decree on inhibition to submit any documents for legalization by any third persons. Now the documents for legalization shall be submitted to the Spanish Embassy personally.


The Translation Agency AVENTA sends its greetings to all translators and employees of the translation agencies on the occasion of the professional holiday – the International Translation Day!


The Translation Agency AVENTA offers its clients a new service – notarial attestation of  extracts*  from the articles of association, founding documents and etc.** If you must submit the notarial translation of some pages from the articles of association to any competent authority,  you don’t need to translate the full text of the articles of association. It’s quite enough to make a notarized extract from the articles of association, to translate it and notarize the translation.

* Cost of the notarial attestation of one extract is UAH 75.00;

** With except for the foreign documents.


Working hours of the Translation Agency AventA during the holidays:

  • On 21 August we work until 04:00 pm
  • 23 -24 August are days off
  • On 25 August we work as usual


The Translation Agency AventA hereby informs its clients that Germany admitted the entrance of Ukraine into the Hague Convention. It means that now in place of consular legalization you must appostille the document that you will use in the territory of Germany.


The Translation Agency AventA collaborates with the Centre of Economic and Political Researches named after А. Razumkov. This order consists in a daily translation of medical texts into English. The Translation Agency AventA has successfully managed this project, because we have all the components of success: experience and skilled personnel!


The Translation Agency AventA completed the project for translation and redaction of guide book across Ukraine for VITYAZ-L LLC. This work was very interesting not only from the linguistic point of view. While pursuing this project we made a virtual trip across the remarkable places of Ukraine.


For over two weeks the Translation Agency AventA has provided the sequential technical translation for Prime-Gaz LLC. Our interpreters can work under extreme conditions, we are not afraid of the work in a boring tower!


The traditional meeting between the leading firms-manufacturers of dental devices and materials was held with participation of the interpreters of the Translation Agency AventA in Kyiv on 18 and 19 March 2010.


On 11 January 2010 the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine made the decision to reduce the term for legalization with Apostil of any documents to be issued by the civilian registry offices.

Now this procedure will take not 5 working days but 1 day only!

In some cases, for example, in case of leave, sick absence or dismissal of any officer of the Legalization Department, this procedure can take 3 working days.

News. Archive.