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Translation by sworn (court or accredited) translator for State Authorities of the Czech Republic

Often the documents presented to the Official Authorities of the Czech Republic require a certain drawing in particular:...


Favorite, charming and the most beautiful our Women! All the men of our team of translation Company AventA congratulate you on the coming (or already matured;)) spring holiday - 8th of March...

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Consecutive Interpretation

AventA Translation Company offers consecutive interpretation services both within and outside Ukraine:

Our services include:

  • Business meetings and negotiations interpretation
  • Seminars, conferences and round-table meetings interpretation
  • Exhibitions and presentations interpretation
  • Official meetings interpretation
  • Simultaneous movies/video clips interpretation
  • Providing interpreters to escort foreign guests
  • Providing interpreters for tour guiding services
  • Presence of a certified translator in the notary's office

What Does Consecutive Interpretation Price Depend On?

  • Interpretation Subject and Language

The services provided by a highly specialised or rare language interpreter cannot be cheap.

  • Place of Interpretation

If the services are to be provided outside Kyiv, you will have to pay the interpreters travel, accommodation, meal expenses and daily allowances.

  • Time of Interpretation

Any interpretation services provided in the evening and at night, at the weekend or on public holidays are double priced.

Find out more about our interpretation prices on Prices page.  

Please remember to provide the following information to the project manager

  • Source and target languages
  • Number of interpreters required
  • Subject of interpretation and the event-related materials
  • Time and hours of interpretation
  • Place of the event
  • Your contact details

Quality Assurance and Expertise

Since the very beginning of its activity, AventA Translation Company has been selecting interpreters by the language, interpretation subject and complexity. Today we can provide even the most highly specialised interpreters.

Our interpreters have worked efficiently at a number of the events. To find out more please see Customer References section.

Application Dates

Please make sure you allow enough time for your interpretation applications so that we could select the interpreter who will best meet your requirements.

We accept applications received at least 2 working days prior to the service delivery date.

#72, 88-92 B. Khmelnitskogo Str., Kiev

tel.: +38 044 288-28-69, 235-05-97.

email: aventa@aventa.com.ua

AventA Translation ompany


#72, 88-92 B. Khmelnitskogo Str., Kiev

tel.: +380 44 288 28 69, fax: 235 05 97

ICQ: 376539282

Skype: aventa.ua